Filing Fees

General Sessions Civil Court

Civil Warrant $162.50
Action to Recover $162.50
Civil Warrant $162.50
Detainer Warrant $162.50
Garnishment $47.00
Levy $67.00
Levy on Property $67.00
Writ of Possession $67.00
Alias $42.00
Subpoena $48.00
Show Cause Order/Post-Judgment $67.00
Show Cause Order/Pre-Disposition $82.00
Conditional Judgment $25.00
Certified Copy $5.00
Copies .50
Reset fee (all cases) $7.00

The above includes service for one defendant

Circuit Civil Court

Complaint See Category Listing Below
Divorce/minor children $302.50 90 days w/children
Divorce/without minor children $227.50 60 days no/children
Order of Protection $202.50
Prepare record for appellate court $300.00
Alias $42.00
Counter Complaint/Cross Filings $202.50

Category One Case

$327.50-Contracts, torts, personal injury, property damage, malpractice, wrongful death, employment discrimination, civil rights, tax disputes, special remedies and cases not otherwise specified.

Category Two Cases

$252.50 -Workers Comp cases (bond may be used); appeals to circuit from general sessions, city courts and other courts or hearings: transfers from foreign counties; writs of mandamus; condemnation/inverse condemnation & quo warranto actions.

Category Three Cases

$202.50 – Adoptions, legitimations, paternity cases, termination of parental rights, conservatorship & other domestic relations matters not otherwise designated, restoration of citizenship, name changes, minor settlements, enforcement of foreign judgments & orders of protection (fees not required in advance), cross filings and counter complaints.

Category Four Cases

$177.50 – Child Support enforcement and modification, interstate support cases, modification of parenting plan, civil contempt. The above cost includes service for one defendant. Please add $42.00 for additional defendants. Service for Secretary of State is $20.00 for each defendant (original and cert copy) and Commissioner of Insurance $15.00 (original and cert copy).

For additional information on fee increases, contact our office.

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